About Us

Founded by owner/operator Vicky Newman , Aspen Hill Assisted Living knows its all about CARE and FAMILY.

She and her team understand the importance of family and what it means to provide compassionate care that your mom and dad deserve.

Vicky has learned that the greatest gift she could give others is an opportunity to do better, just as her grandmother did for her many years earlier. Therefore, at Aspen Hill Assisted Living Communities, we understand the meaning of family and the responsibility of giving back double fold to older adults and seniors. That’s why Aspen Hill strives to attain the highest level of Assisted Living standards for our residents. We understand that there is a sincere obligation to care for our parents and grandparents who once gave us their all. Our staff is committed to assisting residents with the appropriate love, respect and care they deserve.

Vicky’s greatest asset is her ability to maintain a team of professionals who are committed to her passion for serving others. Therefore, Aspen Hill is dedicated to honoring those seniors who have influenced our lives and who once provided for us.

Why Aspen Hill Assisted Living?

  • Family owned and operated
  • Affordable
  • Committed to higher standards of living
  • Nurses on call 24/7
  • You will never be lost in a crowd
  • Inspected and licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services